Chicken Egg Holder Basket


It's a chicken made of chicken-wire! This wire chicken egg basket is sure to be a hit with chicken keepers old or new. Black finish and large hinged opening in the back turns egg storage into a fun talking point sculpture.

Holds up to 15 eggs. W36cm, H23cm.

Created by Noah's Ark, India. About Noah's Ark... When standing up for your principles has caused you to be 10,000 in debt and without a job, it sounds like time to back down and give up. But for Samuel Masih it was the start of a journey of commitment to helping poor people. In 1986 Samuel took the decision to leave the craft organisation that he worked for, as he believed its producers were not being treated as fairly as he would like. Financially, this move cost him dearly, as he had to inherit some of the debts from his employer. Undeterred, he took his first steps into an alternative way of trading with local craftspeople around his hometown of Moradabad, northern India. From the beginning he was determined to ensure that artisans would be provided with the best rates available and with the support to enable them to be freed from the grip of exploitation.