Fairy Dreamcatcher


Keep bad dreams away with this pretty Fair Trade fairy dream catcher. It has a poem tag, beaded dream-catcher, fairy, two sparkly stars which read 'catch good dreams' and 'stop bad dreams'. Comes in an organza bag. Hang it above the bed to encourage a good nights sleep.

Poem reads:

Hang me above your bed and
I'll catch your dreams for you -
I'll magic away your bad dreams and
make your good dreams all come true!

Dreamcatcher length 38cms 

Made with sparkle and love. This Fair Trade fairy dreamcatcher has been designed in the UK and hand-made by our Fair Trade friends in India who are paid a fair price and have a lovely place to work. They also set up and fund local community welfare projects including two schools, a dentistry service and an excellent health clinic to help many families in the surrounding rural area.