Recycled Glass 'Absolutely Pure Milk' Bottle - 1 Litre


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A 1 litre milk bottle made exclusively from 100% recycled glass has surely got to be the most eco-friendly option for your milk storage. Made in a traditional design, this glass milk bottle is embossed with the words 'Absolutely Pure Milk' and has an outline picture of a cow. Around the bottom of the bottle, the words 'The milk Protector'. The bottle can of course be used to store other soft drinks such as fruit juices, nut milks, and cordials. It comes with an attached swing top fitted stopper, which has a durable rubber seal. A very practical and pleasing addition to the larder or refrigerator.

As the glass milk bottle makes a steady come back, this particular Recycled Glass Milk bottle has undoubted collector’s appeal due to its high quality and vintage style. The clip top is reminiscent of the 'olde worlde' type glassware of the early twentieth century and the design has stood the test of time. Milk bottles made from recycled glass is not a new idea but the craft is making a resurgence as an eco-friendly option to typical modern glass manufacture. This ‘Absolutely Pure Milk’ range also includes a perfectly matching set of tumblers.    

During the process and manufacture of recycled glass, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced, which makes this recycled glass milk bottle a much more eco-friendly option.

  • Dimensions 30cm x 10cm x 10cm
  • Capacity 1 litre
  • Hand wash recommended though they can go in the dishwasher
  • Made in Spain