Essential Oil Burner / Wax Melts Warmer


Hand-painted Rainbow Striped Ceramic Essential Oil Burner or Wax Melts Warmer

Directions for use as warmers for use with fragranced essential oils:

  • Place a few drops of your chosen oil in the dish and add some water.
  • Light the T-Light which will then gently warm the liquid above to fill your home with beautiful fragrances.

To use as a melter/holder for wax melts, just place the wax melt directly on the dish and light the tea-light candle underneath to release the wax melt fragrance.

These lovely oil burners/wax melters will make wonderful gifts for Christmas, Birthdays and house warming presents. Great for use in aromatherapy, and the rainbow lamp makes a wonderful ornament for the house allowing you to choose the scents you want to fill your home with.

  • Place on a heat proof surface. The oil burner will get warm during use. Never leave a lit candle unattended.
  • Size: 11cm high, 10 cm diameter
  • Hand painted in Thailand in a factory following fair trade practises
  • Tea Light and essential oils not provided.

No more plastic air fresheners, or aerosol air freshener sprays!