Set of 3 Juggling balls/Footbags, fair trade in assorted colours


A great product if you are starting to learn to juggle. Brightly coloured cotton hand crocheted Haki (Hacky) Sacks. They come in a huge mixture of vibrant colours and patterns. The designs include a mix of traditional patterns and stripes. The sacks are filled with just the right amount of recycled plastic pellet shaped beads - not too full but not too empty. This gives them just the right amount of crunch in the hand. These sacks are ideal for people who want to start to learn to juggle as they are affordable and do not roll away easily.

Also used as footbags to practise your dexterity at keeping the balls in the air using your feet.

Colours and patterns vary, but every set will have 3 uniquely coloured juggling balls.

Hand made in Guatemala.