'Day of the Dead' Wedding Retablo - 2 Brides


This Day of The Dead Wedding Retablo features two beautiful brides as skeletons, in some seriously dead-icated threads. Celebrate marriage and life itself with this unique countenance of love! What better way to toast the bride and bride than this ghoulishly beautiful sight?!

An unusual lesbian/transsexual/lgbt wedding day or anniversary gift idea to make the day extra special.

Hand crafted in Peru from clay and in a decorated wooden box.

Size 7 x 3.5 x 15 cm

What is a Retablo?

Retablos are an interesting part of Peruvian Folk Art. Their origins are from the conversion of indigenous people to Catholicism where priests and missionaries  carried them from village to village and used them to portray bible stories of the Saints. Nowadays retablos are used to reflect aspects of modern day life, often with a Day of the Dead theme.

Andean folk artists have secret techniques involved in making  retablos. There are few apprentices and long training periods to master the skills of modelling, painting and box making.

Originally molded from a potato and plaster mixture, the figures are now  hand crafted using clay. The artisans are often members of the same family with each person having their own particular specialist skill in the construction of the retablo.