Chakra Symbols Shell Suncatcher


A string of 7 chakra symbols painted onto capiz shells. Each shell is coloured to match its chakra colour and has a corresponding coloured bead between it and the next symbol. The semi transparent shell allows sun light to pass through, and brightens each symbol as it hits. The six new-age chakras (Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata,  Vishuddha, Ajna) and the seventh point (Sahasrara) are represented.

We love the fact that the symbols are made from Capiz shells - a natural product that is rapidly renewable.  The string of chakras is finished off with a red tassel on the end.

When hung in a window and the wind catches them, the shells make a gentle tinkling sound on the glass, much like a wind chime. Great for meditation and relaxation, and would make a lovely yoga gift.

Each chakra is approximately 4.5 cm in diameter.  The total length from the top of the hanging ring to the bottom of the tassel is about 80 cm. Requires a hook/nail/drawing pin to hang on, which is not provided. 'Invisible window hooks' are great for the job.

Hand Crafted In Indonesia.