Elephant with Bells Windchime


Elephant and Bells Windchime

Cute recycled metal windchime with 2 different sized elephants and six cowbells. The bells will make a delicate tinkling noise when caught by the wind.

Made from brass coloured metal that has been recycled, the elephants are cut out and embossed.

Elephant windchimes make a lovely gift for anyone who likes/collects elephants.

Can be used indoors or out, though if used outside there will be some natural corrosion of the chime.

Hand produced in Northern India. This is a fair trade product made by a family based business that provides valued full time employment to 19 people and over 60 artisans on a piecework self-employed basis. Good benefits include fair pay, sick pay and regular hours. The business supports fee free schools for poorer families.


Dimensions 25cm x 73cm