Antique wooden bobbin upcycled into 15 Minute Timer


15 Minute 'Hour' Glass Timer made from Antique Wooden Bobbin, handcrafted in UK from a bobbin rescued from the cotton and woollen mills.
Fully working, use in the kitchen, or for timing games, interviews, sermons etc.
Features spindles with metal detailing.
A unique gift re-crafted from a piece of history, there may be slight variations in style/size. Own a piece of England's industrial past with this 'one off' vintage Victorian artefact. Wooden bobbins sourced from now closed cotton and woollen mills re worked in to beautiful and functional timers.

Approximate size: height 25cm, diameter 13cm. Timing is approximate.

Other timers available (3 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute and 1 hour)