Antique wooden bobbin upcycled into 3 Minute Timer/Traditional Egg Timer


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A little piece of history. This 3 minute egg timer has been hand crafted in the UK from an antique English bobbin rescued from the now defunct cotton and woollen mills. This makes a unique gift, the bobbin has been up-cycled into this lovely timer by the addition of the sand 'hour' glass timer.
Made from a genuine original Victorian wooden bobbin with pewter top, and a glass sand timer with white sand. Great as an egg timer or a game timer.
Each product is unique so there may be slight variations in style/size. Own a piece of England's industrial past.
Approximate size: height 12.5cm, diameter 5cm. Timing is approximate.

Other timers available (3 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute and 1 hour)