Antique wooden bobbin upcycled into '1 hour' hour glass white sand timer


This sand hourglass timer is made from an original Victorian bobbin with pewter detail that was recovered from the cotton and woollen English mills.
Fully working, contains off white sand. Timer is for one hour. It's great for timing interviews, lectures, sermons, games etc.
A unique gift re-crafted from a piece of history, there may be slight variations in style/size. Own a piece of England's industrial past. This timer is an object of beauty that demonstrates upcycling at it's best. It is sure to impress!
Antique wooden bobbin with pewter detailing re-crafted into this traditional hour glass timer.

Approximate size: height 33cm, diameter 17cm. Timing is approximate.

Other timers available (3 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute and 1 hour)