Tibetan Cotton Prayer Flags


A string of traditional prayer flags in 5 colours (yellow, green, white, red, blue) representing each of the five elements.  Each string of flags is approximately 5.5 metres long and contains 25 flags that are approximately 18cm x 20cm in size. Each set includes a brief description about the use of Tibetan prayer flags....

"The practise of hanging prayer flags dates back thousands of years. Five colours are traditionally used to represent each of the elements. They are hung high so the prayers can be carried by the breeze, and after some time the cotton flags will naturally fade and fray, symbolising the passing nature of all things. Once the blessings have been carried to the heavens, new flags that contain renewed wishes are hung for the cycle to continue."

These traditional prayer flags are made from cotton, not polyester, and are meant to naturally fade and fray with time symbolising the passing of all things. Once the blessings have been carried on the wind to the heavens, new flags with renewed wishes can be hung. Avoid polyester flags due to the non biodegradable threads that are left in the environment as they fray.

The Tibetan prayer flags are made by the "Fair Trade Group - Nepal", a member of the "World Fair Trade Organization". The vision statement of the "Fair Trade Group - Nepal" is "To improve the quality of life of low income groups of people through Fair Trade.".

These "wind horse" flags are block printed with the powerful wind horse in the centre and the four powerful animals in each corner. They are known as windhorse prayer flags because of the symbol of the horse in the middle. The powerful horse (lung-ta) bears three flaming jewels on its back representing the Buddha, the Dharma (Buddhist teachings), and the Sangha (Buddhist community). The horse (Ta) is a symbol of speed and the transformation of bad fortune to good fortune. Surrounding the Lung ta are mantras and Buddhist sacred symbols. In the corners the four powerful animals, also known as the Four Dignities are the dragon, the Garuda, the tiger and the snow lion.

The five colours on the prayer flags represent the five elements:

  • blue - sky and space
  • white - air and wind
  • red - fire
  • green - water
  • yellow - earth

The flags contain sacred texts and symbols and should be treated respectfully. They should not be placed on the ground or put in the bin. When disposing of old prayer flags, they should be burnt so that the smoke will carry the blessings to the heavens.

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